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Floating Hair Filtering Mesh Removal

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Tired of seeing pet hair & lint stuck on freshly washed clothes?

Paper scraps will stick everywhere?�br>
Don't worry!

Just throw the filter bag into the washing machine

All the debris will be cleaned up!

Try this practical Filter Net Bag, which removes floating hair and debris from the washing machine to make your clothes cleaner.

Function:They can absorb hair and debris the into the net to make your clothes more clean when washing clothes by machines.

Easy to Use:Put this floating lint mesh bag in the washing machine, It's easy to clean and floats right on top of the clothes, will not damage clothing.

Reduce Clog:Reduce the tendency of clogging by having an additional layer of filter to existing built-in ones and protects your expensive washing machines from unwanted breakdowns.

Reusable:High-quality tapered mesh bag, fine mesh, polyester material, durable. Let sundries, debris, hair, have nowhere to escape.


Clothes  Suggested quantity
2-4 pieces Put 2 Filter Net Bag
5-7 pieces Put 3 Filter Net Bag
8-10 pieces

Put 4 Filter Net Bag





Material:Polyester + PE + EVA

Color:Blue, Pink

Size:10 *13 cm


Package include: 1* Hair Catcher Mesh