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It is generally recommended to purchase in even units, and tires on both sides must be installed to maintain balance
Beef tendon material will not damage the tire

Buying tips:For normal use, just buy six and install it on two drive wheels. If your car is a four-wheel drive, consider buying twelve on complex terrain and six on normal snow.
Service environment:

On the mud road
On snow road
On sand road
ClimbingApplicable to snowfield, uphill, soil sliding and many natural environments.
  • Size universal----suitable for most cars.
  • Dack design---non-slip granules, which can increase the friction without slipping and will not damage the tire.  

Driving safety---Sturdy nylon braided straps and zinc alloy buckle ensure that the armor does not loosen in the snow. 

  • ALL SEASON UNIVERSAL USE---Special Design can be applied to all the models of the tire width It can be applied to all the models of the tire width 6.5”-10.8”(165mm-275mm) for Car, SUV, and Truck. Best for ice road, snow road, and mud road.
  • EXCELLENT ANTI-SKIP EFFECT---Prevent sliding when driving and effectively shorten the braking distance, 4 metal chains which are more stable and reliable, improving the driving stability.
  • Sturdy and durable---The product is light, does not increase the car's weight too much, keeping the car stable drive.
  • Simple storage---When not in use, just one bag is placed in the storage room or the rear trunk, which is completely like disappearing, just take up little space.
Installation 4 steps:
Simply place the strap into the buckle, then tighten it and lock the buckle.Last,tie the rest of strap up in case of being caught.
Under the zinc alloy buckle, there is a nylon cushion that protect the tire and wheel hub.
  • Product name:Tough snow tire armor
  • Size:17.71*7.87*4.72
  • Applicable models: General (sedan or SUV)
  • Material: TPU and steel nails
  • Scope of application: snow, mud, climbing


  • Car tire snow chains

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