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Collapsible Storage Crates

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Collapsible Storage Crate is a smart, space-saving solution to simplify all of your activities, trips, and day-to-day tasks. Everyday use, comfortable side-grip handles for easy lifting, collapses flat for space-saving storage. Clean up those messy situations.
Main Features

Simplify and Organize Your Everyday Use
Whether storing items for your kids or yourself, our Collapsible Storage Crates are designed for exceptional durability, keeping all your small and large items secure and organized.
Stackable and Collapsible for Easy Storage
Ideal for storage and organization whether it's in your garage, home, office, or trunk. Their interlocking design allows you to stack them neatly when they're full and when they're collapsed.
Haul All Your Groceries
With a large capacity, the Collapsible Storage Crate accommodates everything from bulk goods to groceries. It combines packing, transportation, and storing into one reusable, versatile crate.

Tidy Up Your Space
Collapsible Storage Crates offer stable, structured organization, and storage for your car, home, garage, and office. Unlike other storage crates, the hinged-frame design saves space by collapsing down when not in use.
Use Anytime Anywhere
You will appreciate the on-demand function of Collapsible Storage Crates. Snap them open and load them up with all your needs whether it's camping supplies, sporting equipment, toys, or gardening tools.

Material :PP
Features :Eco-Friendly / Foldable / Space-Saving
Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
Application: Snacks / Vegetables / Fruits
Product Weight:300 g
Package Contents
1 × Collapsible Storage Crate